Monday, August 16, 2010

Trash Pile in the Pacific, size of Texas!

There is currently a trash pile in the Pacific Ocean comparable to twice the size of Texas! Most people are not aware of how destructive plastic wastes has become to our environment.

This plastic soup as oceanographers call it, is toxic to marine life and to those living near the shore.  The trash vortex is a result of 15+ years of trash disposal, which continues to grow at alarming rates. Affecting birds, fish, dolphins, turtles, and many more marine animals.

By far the most destructive type of plastic found in the Pacific are all the plastic rings found in plastic bottles. This plastic is not recycle because most companies do not care for it, and due to its material content does not allow for proper recycling.

Plastic rings that keep your beer cans together, becomes a death sentence for animals. It's very sad to see how human contribution has affected so many defenseless animals.

So what can you do to help? The good news is there are plenty of things you can do!

If you feel passionate for wild life, the first step can be to minimize your consumption of bottled water and bottled soda. Not only will is spare the life of a precious little animal, it will help keep your pockets fat and happy.

Purchase a reusable water bottle, my family and boyfriend all have reusable bottles from Swiss makers, Sigg. Check their website for one of a kind bottles that are designed beautifully to express your sense of style!

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